Episode 21: "Table 99 Needs Water" ft. Jose

Kath & Jan speak to their former co-worker and server of the century, Jose about what it takes to stay calm in the face of a storm, the Department of Health and what happens when you find a surprise in your food ... 

Episode 20: 'We Left an $100 Tip' ft. Matt DeCaro

Kath & Jan welcome Matt DeCaro, the writer and creator of the theme song for, In The Service! Matt talks about being an ex service employee, how he currently works with celebrity chefs and how he used to be so f***n skinny

Episode 19: 'Instant Gratification All Night Long' ft. Elsa DeTripp

Kath & Jan get behind the bar and chat why service bar is the best place to work as a bartender and the worst place to order a drink as a guest. They welcome Elsa DeTripp, a staple behind many bars in NYC who talks about co-founding High Spirits, a pop up bar experience!

Episode 17: In The Service: LIVE and on the Floor

Kath & Jan step off the service floor and onto the stage to bring you their first ever LIVE podcast recording. They welcome special guests, Zahra Tangorra (High Five Girl), Jay Neal (Riviera Catering), Tyler Lyne (Riviera Catering) and Keith Malley (Keith and the Girl). Featuring LIVE music from Matt DeCaro (the creator of our theme song).

Episode 14: 'Wait, So I Can Ask For Help?' - Ft. John Zachary Townsend

Kath & Jan discuss what really keeps the show running- the support staff. Listen as special guest, John Zachary Townsend discusses his experience being a runner, busser, barista, and more! We also talk management (good and bad), fudging your service resumes (everyone's done it), and how to keep it all together on a busy night (yes, we have hot tips)!

Episode 12: "Heartbreak and Water Damage" Ft. Zahra Tangorra

'I decided the best thing to do would be to open a restaurant without any experience' we chat with Zahra Tangorra, about the Highs and lows of opening and running a restaurant, her new site High Five Girl which she co-founded and spaghetti. Oh so much spaghetti

Episode 8: "Tipping Culture" ft. Ian Griffin Adams

How much should you tip? We of course think the answer should almost always be 20% but that's certainly not the case for everyone. Listen as we discuss tipping culture and how it varies with our special guest and producer, Ian Griffin Adams!

Episode 6: 'Experience Versus Experienced' ft. Chris Burns

What's it like gaining experience at a restaurant to being the experienced one? We chat with Chris Burns about his experience as a server, being promoted to restaurant manager and how he manages that and his comedy career.

Episode 5: 'Women in the Industry' ft. Charlie

Despite the fact that it's 2017, Bey is queen and the #FutureIsFemale, there is still a lot of gender inequality in the workplace - especially in the service industry. In celebration of Women's History Month, Kath & Jan discuss their experiences as women in the industry and how there is still a big difference in how guests treat, tip and act towards female servers, bartenders and sommeliers versus their behavior towards men in the industry. Kath & Jan are joined by guest, Charlie, a sommelier in midtown manhattan who shares her experience. 

Episode 3: "The Cool Kids Table At Family Meal: Restaurant Subculture" ft. Audrey Stanfield

Restaurants can be kind of like high school - you have your friend groups, cliques and cool kids. Kath and Jan discuss restaurant subculture but more importantly the camaraderie that you build with your fellow servers while you're in the weeds and out for tequila after shift. Here to share her experience about subculture with us is special guest, Audrey Stanfield

Episode 2: "Welcome to the Industry" ft. Ursula

Kath and Jan discuss their experience in the service industry and how working in restaurants has helped them hone serving and life skills. This episode features special guest, Ursula who discusses what it was like serving in New York as someone who had never had serving experience before.