Episode 38: I'm The Most Honest Person You'll Meet in the Service Industry' ft. Eliza Kingsbury

Eliza Kingsbury joins us and talks about entering the service industry as a coat check, transitioning to a cocktail server and eventually working as a bartender in an immersive theater experience! She's served everyone from Madonna to Bill Nye (though honestly, we are more excited by Bill Nye) and always tells the truth when she messes up an order, even if that order is for Gerard Butler! When she's not behind the bar, she's front row center bringing the sketch comedy on one of the longest running teams in NYC, Bridge and Tunnel! Find her on Instagram and Twitter @edewlittle !

Episode 37: ‘Roncali 1000’ ft. Pat Hague

Chef Pat Hague discusses keeping ingredients simple while amplifying their elegance, walking in 28 inches of snow to make a super service possible and why cross training staff creates a stronger and more collaborative environment 

Episode 36: 'You Gave Your Camera to a Pirate- What Do You Expect?' ft. Patrick Reidy

Are people really as mean as we think they are before they have coffee? Is working in Times Square as brutal as we would expect? Would you ever give tours as a Pirate again? Listen as we chat with Patrick Reidy about his entrance into service via a green apron, working in a chain in Times Square and what shows you can catch him in on stages across NYC!

Episode 35: 'I Dare You To Take This Job' ft. Mel Stachs

Mel Stachs has been in the industry longer than she hasn't. Her work ethic and no bullshit attitude helped her become a talented and lucrative asset in the sales department. Despite all her achievements, after being in the industry for 23 years, she wanted out. Mel chats about what it's like feeling the burnout, solely going through the motions and why she decided to leave service behind once and for all. 

Episode 33: Riff Raff Street Rat ft. Carly Jane Hoogendyk

Working in cabarets, clubs and coffee shops, Carly Hoogendyk has seen it all. She tells us what it was like to be part of the party as a shot girl and the other end of the spectrum - working in a coffee shop with few customers. She shares her celebrity stories and her new role working as a producer at the new comedy club, Caveat in NYC!

Episode 32: 'It Was About Filling The Size 0 Dress' ft. Sydnee Washington

After having spent over a decade working in nightclubs in NYC, Sydnee Washington joins Kath & Jan to tell them how she got her start. We talk about champagne bottles that cost more than our rent and the art of the hustle. Check out Sydnee's podcast, The Unofficial Expert on iTunes too!

Episode 30: Chefs Can Have Lives? ft. Ben Randall

Ben Randall, host of In The Weeds podcast joins Kath & Jan for their 30th episode! They chat about what happens behind the scenes in a kitchen, why you need to fake it til you make it and how Chefs are able to have lives outside the kitchen!

Episode 28: "I Was Also a Hostess in Boston" ft. Anna Roisman

What do Anna Roisman, Kath & Jan all have in common? They were hostesses in Boston! Anna shares her introduction to the industry in Beantown and how she became a maître'd extraordinaire eventually working in LA and NYC. Listen as Anna shares the highs and the lows of being the first face you see in the restaurant when you walk in and then watch her show, The Unemployed Show on Facebook Live!

Episode 27: 'I’m Not Asking For a Dog Fart Shot' ft. Katharine Heller

Kath & Jan are joined by Katharine Heller who admits that she would rather be hosting the party rather than attending it. Katharine, the creator and host of the hit storytelling podcast, Tell The Bartender has seen and heard it all. She chats about bartending in the nineties pre online dating, what it was like working right after 9/11 and why it's important to know what a Wet Martini is!

Episode 26: Eating on the Subway is Gross and We've All Done it ft. Joanna Shaw Flamm

Doritos are not dinner! Joanna Shaw Flamm joins Kath & Jan to talk about how to prioritize taking care of yourself when you work in the industry. Since many of us are used to putting guests first, we often forget about our own needs - eating (real) food, drinking (water - not vodka) and having a full night rest. Listen to these tips and tricks to get you ready for the busy season!

Episode 25: In the Service LIVE ft. Crystal Beth, Jay Neal and Nico Russell

Kath & Jan leave the studio to host a live show of In The Service taped at the PIT Loft on September 30, 2017. Crystal Beth joins us right after working a double at work where she wore many hats! Then we chat with Jay Neal and Nico Russell about life in the industry, balancing passion and productivity and Oxalis, Nico's amazing and delicious pop up restaurant! 

Episode 22: "I Smelled like Cake for 6 Months" ft. Emma Kobolackis

Being extremely close to fire in the kitchen ignited Emma's passion to become a Jill of all trades in freelance cooking, food writing, and making chocolate! Listen as Kath & Jan talk to Emma Kobolackis and try and find out how she does it all!

Episode 21: "Table 99 Needs Water" ft. Jose

Kath & Jan speak to their former co-worker and server of the century, Jose about what it takes to stay calm in the face of a storm, the Department of Health and what happens when you find a surprise in your food ... 

Episode 20: 'We Left an $100 Tip' ft. Matt DeCaro

Kath & Jan welcome Matt DeCaro, the writer and creator of the theme song for, In The Service! Matt talks about being an ex service employee, how he currently works with celebrity chefs and how he used to be so f***n skinny

Episode 19: 'Instant Gratification All Night Long' ft. Elsa DeTripp

Kath & Jan get behind the bar and chat why service bar is the best place to work as a bartender and the worst place to order a drink as a guest. They welcome Elsa DeTripp, a staple behind many bars in NYC who talks about co-founding High Spirits, a pop up bar experience!